Mobile Navigation Menu Inconsistency #61

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Expected behavior

Mobile navigation menu should work consistently on every page.

Actual behavior

Under certain circumstances the mobile nav menu will behave inconsistently or strangely.
Sometimes it will push the page content down instead of floating above, other times it will jump to the top of the page when opened

To Reproduce

  1. Navigate to the homepage
  2. Tap the navigation menu hamburger icon
  3. Navigate to the photos page
  4. Navigate to the about page
  5. Tap the navigation menu hamburger icon

System Information

  • Device Type: Mobile
  • OS: Android (Presumably any)
  • Browser: Vivaldi and Chrome tested
  • Site Version: 2.2.1

Menu jumping to top of page:
Menu pushing page content down:

Additional context
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Fixed in release 2.3.0

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