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Common Errors

Joe edited this page on 26 Dec 2019

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When using the script you may encounter various errors. The aim of this page is to list and explain those I anticipate to be most common.

Type Error Corrections
Domain Error: Not a valid domain. Ensure there are no typos in the domain you typed.
Do not include https:// nor any slashes or arguments.
Do not use an IP address or local hostname.
Domain curl: (6) Could not resolve host Ensure there are no typos in the domain you typed.
Ensure you have a working internet connection.
Ensure the Synapse server is accepting connections.
Consider DNS configuration issues as a possible cause.
Time date: invalid date Ensure there are no typos in the date/time you typed.
Ensure your date/time format is compatible with GNU date1
Token "error": "You are not a server admin"
OR "error": "Invalid macaroon passed."
Ensure you copied the correct access token.
Ensure the user whose token you are using is an admin.
Ensure you are attempting to connect to the correct Synapse server.


  1. Some valid date/time formats include the following:
    • 'YYYY-mm-ddTHH:mm:ss'
    • 'mm/dd/YYYYThh:mm:ss'
    • 'YYYYmmdd hh:mm'
    • '4 hours ago'
    • '1 week ago'
    • 'a fortnight ago'
    • 'last tuesday'