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Configuring Klip

Klip provides the example configuration file as .example.env

Configuration options are explained in the example file.

Basic Steps

  1. Copy configuration example to new file: cp .example.env .env
  2. Open new file for editing: nano .env



Unlike Kutt, Klip doesn't use Google's reCaptcha to reject bots. If you are concerned about bots utilizing your service it might be wise to enable a cooldown for unauthenticated users.

Setting NON_USER_COOLDOWN=5 enables a 5 minute cooldown between uses.

Google Safebrowsing

Klip still offers Google Safebrowsing checking. Simply enter your Google Safebrowsing key to use it. If you don't specify a key, no information at all will be sent to Google.

Email Security

If you have set MAIL_SECURE=false, Klip will use STARTTLS rather than TLS. Mail encryption cannot be disabled completely.