Install Ruby using rbenv
Updated 15 days ago
Get the Unix timestamp in milliseconds for the specified date and/or time. The date and time can be formatted in a multitude of different ways.
Updated on 28 Oct
Purge remote media from Synapse last accessed before the specified Unix timestamp in milliseconds. Replace domain, timestamp, and token.
Updated on 10 Dec
Change admin status in Matrix community. Replace community and user IDs with relevant values. See
Updated on 28 Oct
Deactivate a Matrix account. Replace domain, ID, and token with relevant values.
Updated on 13 Oct
View SSH sessions
Updated on 10 Sep
Anonymize IP Addresses in a File
Updated on 27 Jun 2019
Test logrotate Configuration
Updated on 27 Jun 2019
I was having an issue where Atom wouldn't list all the branches in a repository I cloned. This updates every local branch from it's remote tracking branch. Credit to Wookie88 on stackoverflow
Updated on 11 Apr 2019
Run in PowerShell
Updated on 9 Apr 2019